25 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Make With Canned Pumpkin

Why not eat pumpkin for every meal?

We’re not talking about the pumpkin pie filling; that stuff has loads of sugar and not as much pumpkin. The pumpkin is the part you really want — the begetter of pumpkin spice, the creamy squash of the season, and the superfood you look forward to eating every single year. It’s waiting for you to use, for less than $2, in a can on your local shelves.

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You’re probably tempted to overlook this item at the grocery store. I mean, if you’re not treating yourself to a slice pumpkin pie, what can you really do with one of those cans filled with mush?

So. Many. Things. A single can of pumpkin can be used in delightfully seasonal recipes for breakfasts, cinnamon-spiced lunches, and even savory dinners. With the creative recipes on this list, you’ll wow every guest and family member with the many ways none of you knew you could use a can of pumpkin purée.

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