These Sparkly Galaxy Bagels Make Your Breakfast Out of This World

Galaxy Bagels from the Bagel Store in Brooklyn are glittery, colorful and will leave your unicorn foods in the dust

A not-so-long time ago in a bagel store far, far away on the L train.

The pastel-colored unicorn food trend just got a major upgrade, and it’s sparkly. From the same people who brought you the illustrious rainbow bagel comes the swirly, colorful “galaxy bagel” covered in edible sequins and glitter.

The Bagel Store in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, makes these new trippy bagel designs swirled in black, pink, blue, and purple and covered in edible pink and blue sparkly sprinkles. They look like the portrait of the galaxy imagined by Lisa Frank.

Of course, the main purpose of these colorful, viral foods is to make all of your friends jealous on social media:


This is not the first time we’ve seen a glitter-forward artistic rendition of deep space depicted in food. Galaxy-printed desserts have been an otherworldly Instagram trend for a while now, especially on mirror glaze cakes. This is just the first time we’ve seen the richly colored designs in our breakfast food.