halo top pumpkin pie
Courtesy of Halo Top

Halo Top Releases Pumpkin Pie Flavor, While Supplies Last

So we’re sprinting to the store and buying them all
halo top pumpkin pie
Courtesy of Halo Top

Pumpkin spice enthusiasts everywhere, rejoice

Halo Top released their list of seven new, fashion-forward flavors on August 3. They exceeded their fans’ expectations with drool-worthy flavors like Pancakes and Waffles and Caramel Macchiato, and showcased their ability to know exactly what millennials want before they even knew themselves. Mochi Green Tea and Rainbow?! We, alongside ice cream enthusiasts everywhere, were thrilled.

But they weren’t willing to let the excitement stop there. On August 10, they let loose some news fans are going to rave about: They’re producing Pumpkin Pie flavored ice cream.

That’s right — they’re releasing an eighth flavor we just can’t wait to get our hands on.

Yesterday, we were lamenting the end of the sunny, beachy season. But with a pint of Halo Top by our side, we’re more than ready to say goodbye to summer and usher in the cozy, cinnamon-dusted flavors of fall.

How does Halo Top devise these genius flavors? Through polling their audience, of course — and taste testing. But here’s the crazy part: The only one whose taste test approval is needed before releasing a new flavor onto the market is Justin Woolverton, the company’s founder and CEO.


We hope his palette for pumpkin spice is primed and ready — because we’d line up for hours at our local grocery store to experience this flavor before it’s gone. The new and healthy confection will be available for a limited time only, and production will stop at the end of November. But we anticipate these pints won’t be on the shelves for that long, as they’re only available while supplies last.