10 Comfort Foods You Can Make in Your Dorm Room

You don’t have to go without home-cooked comfort meals simply because you’re in a dorm room

The slow-cooker chicken pot pie soup is a true comfort food.

Why do we crave comfort foods? Both the wave of nostalgia and the carbohydrate and sugar rush are to blame for our love of these specialties. But whether taste, place, or nostalgia is at fault, one thing is undeniable: Comfort foods comfort you.

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Just because you are living “on your own” (in a building with hundreds of your peers) doesn’t mean you don’t crave the comforts of home. If you are looking for a hearty meal and that sentimental feeling, we have just the recipes for you. From mac and cheese to apple pie to a dorm-friendly “cheeseburger,” you can cook all the creamy, cheesy food you crave, cheaply and in your dorm room.

Armed with a microwave, a slow-cooker, or a hot pot, you can make your culinary aspirations come true with these easy recipes. Each of them will bring a little flavor of home to the confines of your crowded quarters. Read on to discover 10 comfort food recipes you can make in your dorm room.


Angela Carlos contributed to this story.