15 Spreads People Around the World Put on Toast


Toast Skagen — what the Swedish call shrimp on toast — is typically served as an appetizer at dinner parties.

A piece of toast isn’t much without something spread on top. In fact, toast inspired the creation of spreads like butter, jams, and peanut butter. The two go hand-in-hand.

Before toasters were invented, bread was likely toasted in front of a fire or on hot stones using tools like sticks and wire frames. In 1893, the first electric toaster was created by a Scot named Alan MacMasters, but it didn’t quite take off, as there were a few hazardous kinks to work out. The modern toaster used today was invented in 1919.

15 Spreads People Around the World Put on Toast (Slideshow)

The most classic toast-and-spread combination is buttered toast, but cultures around the world each have their own favorite spread. Spanish toast, called pan con tomate, is topped with olive oil and the juice of fresh tomatoes. Instead of sliced bread, the Greeks toast pita bread, which they dip in tzatziki sauce. And sprinkles on buttered toast is the Dutch way to eat this hot, crispy breakfast staple.

They say that when dropped, toast always lands buttered-side (or spread-side) down, a phenomenon that some credit to Murphy’s Law. In any case, dust it off and enjoy your toast however you like.

Butter and Sugar (Butter Toast) — India

In India, a blend of butter and sugar is spread on toast.

Cheese with Jam — Germany

Germans enjoy a snack of cheese with jam on toast.

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This post was originally published on September 20, 2014.