24 Ways Things to Make With Biscuit Dough

24 Things to Make With a Tube of Biscuit Dough — That Aren’t Biscuits

Pop open that tube of dough and put it to good use

A tube of biscuit dough, ready to pop, peel, and bake, is an incredibly convenient thing to have in your fridge. Is there an easier way to begin a meal, add substance to a light snack or fill your home with the warm aroma of freshly baked bread?

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But maybe you’re getting tired of the same old biscuits. Sure, they’re fluffy and warm, and maybe slathered in butter, jam, or gravy — but maybe you’re just not into it anymore.

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If that’s the case, don’t worry! We have a whole list of recipes to use that tube of dough in ways that are not your traditional biscuit. From obvious go-to recipes like monkey bread and cobbler to more unusual variations like fried candy bars and pork buns, we have an array of recipes to suit all tastes and occasions. And if there’s any chance you want to make your own biscuits from scratch — we’ve got you covered with a simple homemade biscuit recipe, too! This slideshow is truly a biscuit bonanza