25 Healthy Breakfasts You Can Freeze And Take To Go Slideshow

Here are some sad freezer breakfasts you've probably eaten lately: Eggo waffles, frozen sausage patties, and maybe even a Jimmy Dean sandwich or two. We sympathize. Mornings are crazy busy, and you're just trying to get your kids out the door with something in their stomachs before 8 a.m.

We don't have to tell you how bad these are for you. You're seriously missing out on nutrients when you buy these plastic-wrapped, rubbery egg sandwiches, and you're likely ingesting a chemical or two more than your stomach would prefer. A Jimmy Dean Croissant Breakfast Sandwich has 58 ingredients — we wish we were kidding — some of which include chemical preservatives, colorings, enriched flour, and high-fructose corn syrup.

At breakfast? Why?

With a little effort and some meal prepping, you can have much healthier, more wholesome breakfasts that are just as easy to reheat on busy mornings. These breakfasts can also be a whole lot more interesting than your typical breakfast sandwich. On this list, we have scones, crêpes, burritos, waffles, and some savory egg creations inspired from Italy and elsewhere. Don't those sound better than a bland bowl of cereal?

Apple Berry Baked Oatmeal

Let's be honest — instant oatmeal can be really disappointing. But who has time to cook more flavorful oatmeal on the stove? If you bake your oatmeal in a loaf ahead of time, mornings can be as simple as heating up a slice and running out the door. Here's one of our fruity recipes.

Apple Oatmeal Protein Bars

Protein bars you buy at the store do not make a healthy breakfast. In fact, mistaking a protein bar for a healthy breakfast is an all-too-common morning mistake. However, when you make them yourself, you can ensure they're low in sugar, nutritious, and filled with enough fuel to keep you going till lunch. You can find all kinds of DIY protein bars online, but we've got a recipe that tastes like apples, cookies, and chocolate.

Baked Egg Bell Pepper Tarts

As if eggs couldn't get any more incredible — did you know you could freeze them? Baked, scrambled, or fried, it doesn't matter. They're freezer-friendly. These breakfast tarts are savory, doughy, and delicious. They're small and easy to hold, so you can take yours to go. Get the recipe here and prep a whole tray.

Baked Egg Cups With Tomato, Spinach, and Prosciutto

Since we love eggs so much, prepare to see lots of them on this list. Prosciutto egg cups are your much fancier, Italian-inspired option. Basil, prosciutto, and walnuts come together to create an elegant, nutritious meal you'll want to eat again and again. Did you venture out to the streets of Rome or dig in the recesses of your freezer? These glorious little ramekins will have you loving eating healthy for breakfast.

Baked Eggs With Swiss Chard and Prosciutto

How could anything taste bad when it involves prosciutto? These baked egg cups are cheesier than the last — a cheaper alternative to an otherwise pricey dish. Do you know what happens when you bake manchego cheese? Magic, that's what. Here's the recipe.

Banana Bread Pancakes

Two of our favorite foods, banana bread and pancakes, have come together into one sliceable skillet. Coconut milk, whole-wheat flour, and walnuts keep it healthy, while the fruit and cinnamon keeps it sweet. No added sugars here! Whole pieces of banana are laid into the giant pancake, resulting in delightful sweet surprises as you eat your slice. Get the simple recipe here.

Breakfast Burritos

Burritos can be healthy — especially when you fill them with fibrous beans, protein-rich eggs, and a variety of vegetables. Burritos are easy to hold and eat on the go. Just wrap a bunch of them already made in your freezer and microwave before you leave your house. The cheese will melt and the flavors will blend once you reheat — here's the freezer-friendly recipe.

Breakfast Tacos

Anything you can do in a burrito, you can do in a taco. Beans, chorizo, potatoes, and so much salsa, all wrapped up in a soft corn tortilla... We're drooling. Start your Taco Tuesday early with some Mexican breakfast tacos using this recipe.

Brown Rice Quiche

Instead of flour and other fillers commonly used in quiches, this version uses hearty brown rice. You wouldn't otherwise think to eat rice at breakfast, but it's a good idea if you're trying to eat healthy. Brown rice gives you carbs for lasting morning energy and fiber that will help hold you over till lunch. Our recipe uses zucchini, Cheddar cheese, skim milk, and some unexpected spices to boost the health and the flavor of this option.

Caramel Pumpkin Oatmeal Bars

We'll take one of these over a Pumpkin Spice Latte any day of the week. Canned pumpkin comes with so many health perks, such as beta-carotene to improve your eyesight and fiber to aid digestion. These bars are on the sweeter side, but we love them anyway!

Feta and Poblano Morning Tarts

Spicy, cheesy, and so fun to eat — these tarts are like mini flatbread frozen pizzas you can heat for breakfast. Just pop one in your oven or toaster oven until all the cheese is melted into the egg and dig in! They're hand-held, perfect for even the busiest mornings. Get the recipe here.

French Toast

Premade frozen French toast is often processed and artificial. Plus, their sugar-heavy recipes leave you with an energy crash before 10 a.m. This healthier version is low in sugar and rich with flavor — you'll detect hints of cinnamon, vanilla, and even coffee. Whip up a batch using this recipe and freeze what's left over. Just reheat whenever you're craving another!


Ah, a breakfast classic. Slice your frittata and pack the slices individually for the quickest morning re-heat. You can really freeze any frittata you like, but we're big fans of this herb-y, savory recipe.

Green Smoothie

The trick to freezing smoothies is simple. Just don't blend them until the morning-of. To prepare, take all the solid ingredients you'll want in your smoothie, such as fruit, vegetables, protein powder, and nuts and stuff them into a plastic re-sealable bag. Then, the morning of, just pour the contents of the bag into your blender and add whatever liquids you like. Since the fruits and other ingredients are already frozen, your smoothie will be thick and cold without having to dilute it with ice. Here's a green smoothie recipe to get you started.

Ham and Egg Omelet Cups

These adorable cups are packed with protein and so much flavor. Eggs can honestly only get better when you wrap them in ham. They're loaded with vegetables, and easy to reheat. Just wrap one in a paper towel and microwave. That's it! Here's the easy recipe.

Herbed Egg Crêpes

These are so cool — they're crêpes made out of eggs. Crêpes are hand-held so you can take them with you, and they're also easy to customize. Just fill them with whatever savory ingredients you want in the morning. We recommend cheese and vegetables — but it's really up to you. Breakfast never has to be boring; you can just use a different filling each time you reheat your egg. Here's how to make the crêpes.

Mini Morning Egg Bites

The chia seeds and vegetables packed inside these mini bites turn eggs into a full, balanced breakfast. Chia seeds are filled with omega-3s, which are crucial for brain health and fighting damaging inflammation. Plus, these are so cute. Get the recipe here to make a tray for yourself.

Mini Quiches

Quiches just get cuter when they're mini. And they get more portable, too. Grab a couple before you leave — this recipe uses milk instead of cream and sourdough bread instead of pre-made processed dough, so there's no reason to stop at just one.

Mint Chocolate No-Fruit Smoothie

A smoothie without any fruit might seem like nonsense, but we definitely recommend you give this one a try. It tastes like a mint chocolate milkshake, and has more servings of vegetables than any other breakfast on this list. Maca powder boosts energy and helps to balance your hormones while the collagen and protein powder give your body a boost to revitalize your skin, hair, and nails. Use this recipe to make your pre-prepared bags of smoothie ingredients and blend the morning of.

Raspberry Cacao and Maca Smoothie

If you're too into fruit to quit it in the morning, try out this fruity maca smoothie instead. It also has hints of chocolate flavor and comes packed with antioxidants from the raspberries. Use fresh fruit or frozen—but to help out your budget, we recommend frozen since you're freezing them anyway! Here's our recipe.

Sugar- and Oil-Free Banana Bread

We're not sure how they managed to make banana bread without any sugar or oil, but we're so glad they did. Now we can have crumbly, delicious banana bread for breakfast without the sugar crash later. Overripe bananas, applesauce, and vanilla give this bread a natural sweetness you'll love to start your day with. Here's the recipe.

Sugar-Free Blueberry Scones

Your typical scone recipe relies heavily on white refined sugar, white flour, and other starchy unhealthy breakfast ingredients. These sugar-free scones, however, are sweetened with stevia and blueberries for a much more natural flavor. They also snuck Greek yogurt into the flourless recipe, alongside coconut milk for extra creaminess. Get the simple scone recipe here.

Veggie Burger Egg Sandwich

This is a genius use for a frozen veggie burger. Copying McDonald's Egg McMuffin (which is actually a surprisingly healthy fast food breakfast), the creators of this recipe layer eggs and a veggie burger between two slices of whole-wheat bread. The touch of mayo keeps this sandwich satisfying, while the grains and protein keep it nutritious. Stick a bunch of these in the freezer and reheat in your toaster oven for the best results.

Whole-Wheat Banana Waffles

Pancakes, waffles, and French toast can all be part of a healthy breakfast — especially when the ingredients are this good for you. Sweetened with stevia and applesauce, these waffles take a tip from healthy baking to eliminate added sugars and add fiber instead. Top your waffle with peanut butter or nutty granola to add some healthy fats and you're all set with this recipe.

Zucchini Bread Muffins

There are so many ways to eat your veggies at breakfast, but we think muffins sound like the most appealing option yet. Greek yogurt, applesauce, and whole-wheat flour are great baking substitutes, and they keep these muffins healthy enough to eat for breakfast.

Make a batch of these or try one of 16 other muffin recipes that are perfect to take on the go