10 Breakfast Shortcuts To Get Kids Fed And Out The Door

"Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper," is an old saying that rings true to this day, especially when it comes to feeding children. A good, hearty breakfast will power them through until lunch. It will enrich their brains, give them the energy they need and will allow them to focus on the important things — learning, socializing, and behaving in class.

10 Breakfast Shortcuts to Get Your Kids Fed and Out the Door Fast (Slideshow)

But let's be really honest about breakfast for a minute. Today's society is filled with working parents who may not necessarily have the time to spend making a big, elaborate breakfast. People need shortcuts. They need ways to feed the kids — to give them brain food and serious sustenance — while also shaving precious moments from the morning routine. And it's incredibly doable. A few minutes on the weekend and some sealable containers can save a bundle of time. It just requires a little bit of creativity.

And while children may be the more difficult, picky eaters, providing them with quick breakfast options is a piece of cake. Simple fruit salads with just a hint of vanilla are jazzed up but still easy enough to throw together in a flash. And the classic breakfast sandwich? Those babies can be made at home, frozen for later, and defrosted as needed. So while everyone wishes there was more time for breakfast during the week, we can all make life a little easier with quick breakfast options that please the kiddies and adults alike.

Fruit Slices with Peanut Butter

Grabbing a pre-made jar of peanut butter and hitting the road can cut major time out of your morning routine. Try slicing up an apple and sprinkling it with a little lemon juice. Fill a jar with about two tablespoons of peanut butter. Put the apple slices in the jar with the peanut butter and you've got instant apple dippers! The bonus is you can control what kind of apples and peanut butter you use. Consider sunny butter or almond butter for peanut-allergic children.

Overnight Oats

Making oatmeal from scratch isn't necessarily difficult but it can be a bit time-consuming. Overnight oats, instead, can sit and basically cook themselves without any added help from you. And the great part is they taste better than those packets of oatmeal.


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