16 More Muffin Recipes for Healthy, Tasty Breakfasts On the Go

Find the perfect breakfast for you

These pumpkin chia muffins from Platter Talk are as healthy as they are delicious and stunning.

Mornings can be rough. Between stumbling out of bed, getting yourself and your family ready for the day, and making sure you can leave for work on time, it’s hard to get in a delicious, nutritious breakfast. And the last way you want to start your day is with a greasy fast-food breakfast or a sugary granola bar that’s only going to make you crash.

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The secret to a speedy breakfast that is good for you, good tasting, and good to grab on your way out the door? Muffins. But, like many sweet breakfast foods, muffins can be deceptively unhealthy — a too-sweet muffin may only lead to a sugar crash and a growling stomach later in the day. The solution? Healthy muffins — but, ideally ones that aren’t dull, flavorless, and dense.

To help solve this breakfast dilemma, we reached out to our Culinary Content Network of food bloggers for their favorite healthy, scrumptious muffins that you can bake up ahead of time (when you have a spare moment) and then eat on the go for those mornings when the sun rises faster than you do.