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The Healthiest Fast Food Breakfasts

These breakfast options don’t strain your budget or your belly
fast food

We know: You’re busy. You don’t have time to make a wholesome, gourmet breakfast at home. You’re out the door fast, coffee in hand and mind already racing with what awaits you in your workday.

Fast-food breakfasts are both the best and worst thing to happen to you since Starbucks started doing drive-thru. Instead of trudging through hunger until lunch, now you can grab a two minute meal on your way — and the options are pretty appetizing, too. Fast food companies are going wild creating crazy combos and savory breakfast sandwiches to keep you coming back day after day.

Find the Healthiest Fast Food Breakfasts here.

However, they can pack excess fat and overloaded calories into your morning and set you up for a day of dietary (and digestion-related) struggles. Sure, that sausage-stacked, buttery croissant tastes great in the moment, but we’d be willing to bet your stomach fights back a few hours later. So many of their options are crazy unhealthy.

Luckily, there are also options that aren’t all that bad.


Sometimes, the options that seem the healthiest are hiding additives and sugar (we all know what happened with oatmeal…) or actually have sneaky amounts of added fats and cholesterol. So to clear the haze, we roved over fast food menus and nutritional information for you, so you don’t have to decode the nutrition facts to find the healthiest option for your mornings.