10 Ways To Spice Up Your Morning Oatmeal

Quick cooking, steel cut, and instant oatmeal are all wonderful options for breakfast. Quick cooking and instant oatmeal both take a short amount of time to cook and make for  a breakfast dish that will keep you full until lunch time. You may think oatmeal is bland, but The Daily Meal is sharing 10 ways to spice it up so you'll never complain again.

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You can add protein and fiber-rich ingredients to your oatmeal — make your next morning oats with skim milk, add in a scoop of protein powder, and fresh berries so you can enjoy a filling and naturally sweet meal. You can also make an oatmeal bake. Add all your oatmeal ingredients into a casserole dish, top with fruit, and bake. You'll have delicious oatmeal squares that you can enjoy over the weekend or during the week as on-the-go breakfasts before work.

If you prefer a savory start to your day, make oatmeal with corn, pancetta, and tomatoes...

Whether you like your oatmeal sweet or savory we have 10 recipes that are perfect for your morning craving.