Banana Breads For Every Occasion — 10 Recipes

10 banana bread recipes to satisfy almost every diet, craving, or special occasion.

Banana bread makes the perfect breakfast, dessert, or any-time treat

Everyone knows that a fresh loaf of homemade banana bread can make the perfect sweet breakfast or dessert, but did you know that you could transform this popular treat into a savory, healthy snack as well?

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It’s true — banana bread doesn’t just have to be a sweet treat. Home cooks and food bloggers like Chocolate Covered Katie have proven that mixing healthy doses of yogurt, vegetables and even beans into a loaf of banana bread can shed a new light on this popular bread, and can even give it a boost of both nutrition and flavor.

In addition to all of the ways you can make banana bread, it’s also important to note that it can be good for you too. Taking a look at the main ingredient of this popular bread — bananas — reveals that banana bread can be as nutritional as it is flavorful. Bananas boast powerful health benefits, such as counteracting calcium loss, aiding weight loss, protecting against type II diabetes and helping overcome depression, so how could you pass up a delicacy that highlights such a powerful fruit?

Whether you’re just starting to incorporate this nutrition-packed bread into your daily diet or you’re already a loyal lover of banana bread, we have a list of recipes for you. This is not a classic collection of well-known banana bread variations, either, because we’ve included some recipes that have interesting ways to tweak the standard banana bread recipe — whether it’s to accommodate different dietary needs, taste preferences, or health requirements.

Our collection of banana breads explores surprising ingredients, like the savory beans in the Chickpea Banana Bread and rich, creamy pumpkin in the Pumpkin Chocolate Banana Bread. Other recipes experiment with loaf sizes — for our readers looking to bake on a smaller scale, the Banana Bread for One Recipe breaks down the classic banana bread loaf into a single-serving portion.


Let these surprising, unique recipes convince you to break away from the mold of classic banana bread and try something new. One of these recipes may just become your new favorite snack.