The 15 Grossest Diet Foods in History

You won’t believe what people put in their mouths in the name of shedding pounds

People managed to choke down these gross excuses for food.

Dieting is a practice dating back hundreds of years, with evidence of weight loss attempts stretching as far back as the early nineteenth century. At some points in history, weight gain has actually been applauded — with advertisements for fattening products warning women, “Don’t let them call you skinny” being published from the ‘30s to the ‘50s in America. But for much of the past century, weight loss has been the key to an appealing social stature.

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The methods by which people attempted to lose weight have been varied and ridiculous. The cabbage soup diet, weight loss teas, and meal replacements were par for the course over the years. But every now and then, a diet food manufacturer has gone just a little too far with their claims — and their product. Some of these diet products are 99 percent chemical. Some are chewier than an old piece of bubblegum (and less satisfying). And some are even toxic to the digestive system, causing widespread diarrhea and vomiting after their release.

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Unfortunately, a few of the products on this list are still on the market today — though some have been buried in deep, dark diet history. Of all the products that have been sold in diet-obsessed times, these were the absolute grossest.