America's 12 Biggest, Most Over-the-Top Ice Cream Sundaes

Don’t even try to eat these in one sitting… unless you have help

Cabot's 'The Great Pyramid' starts with 60 pints of ice cream. 

For some people, dessert is an afterthought. It’s a few bites of something sweet after dinner. But for others, dessert is a way of life, and few desserts are more perfect than an ice cream sundae — the bigger the better.

America's 12 Biggest, Most Over-the-Top Ice Cream Sundaes (Slideshow)

With the popularity of shows like Man v. Food, over the past five years or so, restaurants across the country have been adding food challenges to their menus, and ice cream shops are no exception. Monstrous desserts come in all varieties, but for the most part, ice cream sundaes are the most monstrous of all, because as long as you have a vessel large enough, you can just keep making them bigger, and bigger, and bigger. People will always want to try their hand at finishing the whole thing, but it’s often a lot harder than it looks.

Even though some of these sundaes are one-person challenges, we really hope you don’t take it upon yourself to eat them in one sitting. Not only will you get sick and end up with a massive brain freeze, but the joy in huge desserts (or any large-format dish, like a whole pizza) is that they’re meant to be shared, to be enjoyed by a group of family or friends.


For ice cream shop owners, an empty bowl is like an artist’s canvas. Ice cream, whipped cream, hot fudge, candy bars, cookies, brownies… the possibilities are endless, and no matter what you add in, it’s always going to taste good. Read on to see how 12 ice cream shops deck out their most colossal creations when the sky’s the limit.