From “health journeys” to “fitspo,” social media is full of “Insta”-piration.


Where in the World Are People Obsessed With Dieting?

New data from Dr. Ed calculated which states and countries post the most about dieting on social media

We may associate food posts on social media with dripping cheeseburgers and colorful doughnuts, but the truth is that “healthy Instagramming” is on the rise. Researchers with Dr. Ed, an online medical service, curated social media data to determine the most diet-obsessed states and countries in the world.

Based on the number of #diet Instagram posts per capita, the small island nation of Cyprus posts the most about portion control in Europe, followed by Denmark and Ireland, while the No. 1 digital diet-focused American state is Florida, followed by California and New York.  Meanwhile, Ireland ranks No. 1 across the board in Europe for mentions of “macronutrients” like protein, sugar, fat, and carbs.

In America, not coincidentally, the most diet-obsessed states also coincide with the wealthiest states, with a few exceptions like Louisiana and Tennessee. Poorer people in those less-wealthy states tend to skip meals as a means of dieting, not to track their trendy progress on social media.

As for the most popular diets overall? Fasting and detoxing overtake the spectrum, comprising 43 percent of dieting posts overall, while the most popular European diet is the lemonade diet, a variation on the juice cleanse. Cyprus posts the most about vegetarian diets.

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