dog food

12 Human Foods You Should Never Feed Your Dog

Keep your furry friend safe by making sure these harmful foods are out of reach
dog food

Keep your pup away from these table foods.

For many people, dogs are family. Some adoring pet parents invite their furry children to kiss their lips, sleep in their bed, ride in the front seat of the car, and even join them at the dinner table.

Some dogs are incessantly food-driven and will devour just about anything that you offer them usually with no consequences… But no matter how much we treat our dogs like people, there are some human foods that should be strictly off-limits for dogs.

Some human foods are toxic to dogs and can potentially lead to an array of scary (and expensive) medical issues and vet procedures. When in doubt — and even when those puppy-dog eyes are melting your heart and resolve — it’s safer to disappoint your pup rather send him or her to the emergency room. Read on to find out for sure which foods you should never, ever let your dog near.

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Article originally published by Lauren Gordon in October 2013 with updates and additions made by Rachael Pack, Cook Editor of The Daily Meal.