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9 Things You Need to Know Before Starting a Juice Cleanse

Planning your time sans solid foods requires a little research and strategy

Anyone can benefit from detoxifying his or her body every now and again, and over the past few years the trendiest way to do so has been via a juice cleanse. While some people purchase expensive, pre-bottled juices intended for a cleanse, others opt to make their own cleanse juices and smoothies at home.

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Regardless of whether you make your own juices or purchase them, there are a few things that will happen to you while cleansing. What really happens to your body while on a juice cleanse (if you’re able to stick to consuming six or so juices daily for a while without cheating, that is) is a combination of craving reduction, toxin removal, and digestive system relief. Your body and mind will undergo significant changes while cleansing.

Just as there are guidelines for how you should eat after a cleanse, there are a few things you should know before starting. We’ve provided some tips and tricks that anyone should know and use in order get the most out of a juice cleanse.

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