Boxer Floyd Mayweather Pays His 24/7 Personal Chef $1,000 per Meal

Las Vegas-based Chef Q is paid $1,000 per meal to keep the boxer in shape before his next big fight
Boxer Floyd Mayweather Pays His 24/7 Personal Chef $1,000 per Meal

Chef Q is the most envied chef in the world right now.

Floyd Mayweather Jr., the world’s highest-paid athlete, is using some of his cool $105 million to pay a personal chef $1,000 per meal in the days leading up to his highly anticipated fight with Manny Pacquiao, says TMZ. Chef Q was hired as Mayweather’s personal chef 24/7 in the 46 days leading up to the big fight on May 2. In case you’re counting, that means she will receive $184,000 total for preparing four meals a day for Mayweather.

"If he needs me at 3 a.m., I am there cooking up breakfast," she told TMZ. Chef Q also explained that she usually doesn’t charge this much per meal as a personal chef, but Mayweather felt that her culinary skills were worth it.

So what kinds of food will the world-famous boxer eat in preparation for his big day?

"His favorite dish is spaghetti or tacos," Chef Q said, “but for the Pacquiao fight, he'll be focusing on high levels of protein with no carbs — turkey, chicken, beef, and fish… no pork!”

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No matter what he’s eating, it must be prepared from scratch. Chef Q won’t be using anything that comes out of a can or box. A few highlights from Chef Q’s Instagram include Mediterranean cucumber cups stuffed with tomatoes, tilapia cooked Caribbean jerk-style, and sesame ginger chicken topped with pineapple pico de gallo.