Cheese Wedding Cake


Cheese Wedding Cakes Will Be Everywhere This Fall

Swap the sugary, frosted wedding cakes for a tiered creation made entirely of cheese

If you’re not fond of royal icing and buttercream roses, or if you really have a stronger love for savory things than sugary sweetness, it seems a shame to spend so much money and give so much attention to a layered, frosted wedding cake. So, if you’re one of these salty-toothed people, you are going to be thrilled when we tell you that the latest wedding trend, which has arrived just in time for fall, is wedding cakes made of cheese.

By having a tiered cheese wedding cake, you can still keep the beautiful, traditionally shaped centerpiece, you can still have the photos of you and your new spouse cutting into the after-dinner treat, and you can still spend time planning how you want it to look and how to decorate it, but you won’t have to be reluctant to eat a slice when that moment comes. With different wheels of cheese making up each tier, you’ll be desperate to try a slice of each layer, especially when it’s served with crackers, chutney, grapes, and, of course, an all-important glass of red wine or port.

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If you are getting married in the coming autumn or winter months, and do decide to opt for a tiered cheese wedding cake instead of a white and bright decorated, sugar-filled creation, we have a few tips for you. First, avoid using soft cheese in any layer except the very top one, as you’ll just be creating a cake that is likely to collapse in the middle of your wedding party. Second, skip anything too smelly. Even if smelly cheeses are your favorites, having them sitting out to be admired throughout your wedding reception is not going to create a pleasant atmosphere. Last, make sure you’re well equipped with a suitable knife. A cake knife will probably not be sufficient to cut through those hard cheese rinds smoothly or safely: Avoid a wedding day disaster and make sure you have all the right tools prior to the big day.

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