10 Wedding Food Trends the Smart Bride (and Groom) Will Avoid

Don’t become the clichéd couple serving cocktails in mason jars at your wedding this year

Don't be the clichéd couple this wedding season by avoiding the worst wedding food trends.

If you’re one of the couples who have decided to tie the knot this year, as wedding season approaches, you’ll doubtless be spending the next couple of months frantically organizing every last detail of your big day. Planning your wedding can be busy and stressful, with endless big decisions that need to be made, not to mention the pressure in the form of so many questions from friends, family, and suppliers. We’re here to help you avoid being the clichéd couple this wedding season by collecting together this year’s wedding food trends that you really need to avoid.

10 Wedding Food Trends the Smart Bride (and Groom) Will Avoid (Slideshow)

Ever since the overwhelming rise of Pinterest-inspired, bohemian-rustic weddings, the wedding receptions where chilled Champagne is served in elegant flutes, and a traditional white, tiered cake is cut after the meal, have all but disappeared. In their place, we’ve become used to weddings were we feast on burgers, sitting on the floor, drinking potent cocktails out of glass jars.

To avoid having a wedding identical to everybody else’s, to avoid annoying your guests by serving irritatingly small portions of miniature food, and to avoid making your grandparents feel unwelcome by asking them to do the impossible and sit on the floor, make sure that you resist the temptation to replicate those stunning photos on the hip wedding blogs, and remember that this is your wedding, and not a summer festival. Make sure you keep a touch of elegance and refinement on your big day: It’s your wedding party, so glamor and extravagance are totally allowed. In fact, they’re recommended.


There are several reasons why we don’t want you to fall victim to these food trends at your wedding. They’ve either had their moment, or they simply never should have been considered a trend at all. Express your personality, celebrate your love in whatever romantic ways you want to, and serve your favorite food, but whatever you do, please don’t serve anything in a mason jar.