Man Arrested for Knife Attack Over Snacks

A man pulled a knife on a convenience store owner who told him to stop eating the chips

Wikimedia/Calvin Teo

A man was arrested in Hong Kong for stabbing a 7-Eleven store owner in a fight over potato chips. 

A man was arrested last night in Hong Kong for allegedly pulling a fruit knife and stabbing a convenience store owner for telling him to stop eating the store’s chips.

According to the South China Morning Post, the alleged attacker was hanging out Wednesday night in a 7-Eleven store in Hong Kong when the store’s owner spotted him eating chips from the store’s displays. When the man tried to leave without paying, the store owner reportedly came after him and told him that he had to pay for the snacks he’d eaten.

Security footage from the store appears to show the two getting into a fight. The owner allegedly punched the suspected thief, and the suspect retaliated by stabbing the owner in the chest with the fruit knife and fleeing the scene.


The store owner was taken to the hospital and is reportedly in critical condition, but police managed to track down the suspected assailant by following a trail of drops of blood. Police say the suspect has Canadian citizenship, and he’s been detained pending investigation.