15 Worst Wedding Cake Disasters

Wedding cakes have an astounding amount of power to ruin an otherwise perfect wedding reception
Worst Wedding Cake Disasters

Brian Sheehan takes a look at some of the worst wedding cake disasters. Be sure to check out the complete story in the Entertain section.

Tilting Wedding Cake


It only takes a small mistake for wedding cakes to start falling to the ground.

Your wedding cake is the most expensive cake you’ll ever buy, and — unless a friend or family member outdoes you — it’s the most expensive bite of cake you’ll ever eat. Deciding what cake to have, how it should be decorated, and where you should get it from are important parts of your wedding planning. Once you’ve settled on the design, flavor, size, and baker, the cake is crossed off your list, and slips to the back of your mind: That one part of the wedding day is deemed to be sorted. But judging by these disasters, that isn’t always the case.

15 Worst Wedding Cake Disasters (Slideshow)

Dreams of a fairytale wedding have been crushed as wedding cakes arrive on the big day looking like someone sat on them, or as if they had been decorated by a group of toddlers, rather than like the elegant, picture-perfect structure you had ordered. There’s simply no remedy for a cake that arrives in a hideous shade of neon yellow, when it should have been a pastel pink. Nothing can be done to cover up that disaster on the big day.

If your wedding cake-maker has managed to create a beautiful cake — just as you had pictured in your dreams — that, sadly, doesn’t mean that you have survived the wedding cake drama problem-free. Dropped cakes and crushed cakes are a scary reality, an inevitable result of basic human error. As these expensive, delicate cakes are transported from bakery to wedding venue, or from the delivery van to the display table, there is plenty of room for someone to trip, and for the cake to go flying to the floor.

Even if your cake has been made perfectly, has arrived safely on its cake stand, and is standing proudly as the centerpiece of your wedding dinner, it still needs to be cut: Cutting a towering cake is not always as easy as it looks. That picture-perfect moment where bride and groom are standing together, clutching the silver knife, and wishing for lifelong happiness as they slice into their cake together, is not always a moment to be remembered. The couple who never managed to cut into their cake because the icing was too hard to cut through, will attest to that.


From a bride selling her disaster of a cake on eBay, to embarrassing spelling mistakes piped on the cake, these are the worst wedding cake disasters, which will make every bride-to-be even more nervous than she already was about her wedding day.