13 Over-the-Top Wedding Cake-Bakers Around the World

These talented bakers spend their lives making brides’ dreams come true

The world's best wedding cake makers are both talented bakers and skilled artists.

All around the world, brides-to-be dream of the stunning wedding cakes that will take center stage at their wedding reception. Whether they are hoping for a classic, white centerpiece, an intricately decorated towering creation, or a bohemian, flower-coated cake, wedding cakes play a key role at almost every wedding reception. As a result, the world’s master wedding cake-bakers are always in high demand, baking and decorating the most breath-taking cakes, with the aim of making every bride’s dream come true.

13 Over-the-Top Wedding Cake-Bakers Around the World (Slideshow)

Wedding cake designers all over the globe are bringing their creative talent and their incredible artistic skills to the edible world of cake. Not only do the world’s top wedding cake-bakers design the most stunning, elegant-looking centerpieces, they also bake the most delicious wedding cakes. What’s underneath that frosting is just as important as the hand-made sugar flowers placed on top.

These master cake sculptors make the most over-the-top wedding cakes for the world’s rich, famous, and fortunate. These cakes aren’t just ordered online, in one flavor with a simple frosting option. Rather, they are created over a series of one-on-one consultations between the baker and the bride-to-be. A wedding cake requires as much time, attention, thought, and design skills as the wedding dress, the wedding flowers, and the venue. Once the design process and the cake flavor tasting is complete, these cakes can take up to a month to build, with bakers working around the clock to make sure the cake is utterly flawless for their perfectionist customers’ big day.

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These extravagant wedding cake-bakers are in the industry of making dreams come true. It’s undoubtedly a rewarding (if stressful and difficult) job, but there’s no question that the praise these talented cake-bakers receive is incredibly well deserved.