What to Do with Leftover Wedding Cake (Slideshow)

Seasonal Fruit Filled Crumb Cake Recipe


Have family and friends over for the first viewing of your wedding pictures and serve this delicious crumb cake — made from your leftover wedding cake — to make it all the more nostalgic.

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Wedding Cake Sundaes


The wedding is over, so no need to skip the ice cream after dinner. Cube up some leftover cake and garnish your ice cream sundae with it for added flavor and texture. 

Last Minute Trifle Recipe


Use your cubed cake for a quick and delicious trifle using a seasonal fruit compote. Layer cinnamon-flavored whipped cream, chocolate or vanilla pudding, or even plain Greek yogurt with leftover wedding cake and fruit compote. 

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Ice Cream Sandwiches


Use a round biscuit-cutter to cut your leftover cake into ice cream sandwich-size portions. Dipped in melted chocolate and garnished with crushed nuts, these cake ice cream sandwiches freeze beautifully.

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Cake Crumb Cookies Recipe


Make multipurpose cake crumbs from your wedding cake to add to a frosted cake for texture, or to make these Cake Crumb Cookies.

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Granola Additions


Cube your wedding cake and toast it on low in the oven to give your yogurt and granola an extra dose of flavor and texture.

Wedded Bread Pudding Recipe


Make your first days of marriage extra special and surprise your sweetie in bed one morning with this decadent bread pudding made from leftover wedding cake.

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Ready to take deep-fried Oreos to the next level? Make cake crumbs with your leftover cake and add them to the pancake batter before deep-frying.

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Chocolate-Covered Fruit


Cake crumbs make the perfect addition to chocolate-dipped strawberries, bananas, or dried apricots.

Sweetness to Salads


Use your leftover wedding cake for something, savory, too, like sweet croutons to serve with roasted butternut squash or to garnish a salad made with pomegranate seeds, white balsamic vinaigrette, and fresh greens.