13 Wedding Cake Trends Any Would-Be Bride Should Consider

Wedding cakes just keep getting more and more creative


Who said a naked wedding cake isn't trending?

The wedding cake is the cherry on top of the wedding day sundae. It’s the centerpiece of your reception, and the inspiration for its design can come from almost anywhere. While traditionally most wedding cakes are towering, multi-layered, mostly white affairs, new trends are changing all of that. Inspiration for your cake can come from your wedding locale, your love of minimalist design, or even your favorite painting.

13 Wedding Cake Trends Any Would-Be Bride Should Consider

Here are a few of the latest wedding cake trends to spark your imagination, inspired by everything from the bride’s gown to the groom’s love of the great outdoors. The design of your wedding cake can be as creative as you’d like, while still keeping things elegant. All you need now is a willing creative baker on board and you’re set for design dessert bliss!

Bridal Gown Inspired


Cakes with details like lace and ruffles can work for many different styles of weddings, from modern to country. Draw inspiration from the bride’s gown and add lace patterns or delicate ruffles to your wedding cake for a detailed design.


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Buttercream is experiencing a resurgence in popularity after years of fondant reigning as king of the wedding cake icing. Aside from the obvious flavor factor, buttercream cakes have a charming, rustic feel. Ask your baker to either make a completely smooth finish on the cake for a simple feel or use piping and icing spatulas to create subtle designs in the buttercream.