How to Make Your Wedding More Delicious

Love food almost as much as you love your betrothed? These ideas will send your heart a-flutter

Incorporate the second love of your life into every part of your big day

If April showers bring May flowers, then May and June just as surely bring brides and grooms. Once again, wedding season is upon us.

How to Make Your Wedding More Delicious

Bridezillas and fanatical grooms have been trolling Pinterest, combing wedding magazines, and perusing the web for that perfect something to make their wedding day impeccable. Of course you want your wedding to look perfect, but why not take it to the next level and make it delicious, too?

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but a bite of a mouthwatering cake pop dangling from a cake pop tree at the center of your table, a nibble of a chocolate wedding reception menu, or even a little taste of a vegetable-adorned bouquet could be worth even more. Scrumptious food makes for fond memories.

There are more ways to make your wedding delicious than adding truffles to the menu or indulging in the naked wedding cake trend. Go all out with a themed candy bouquet centerpiece or take a subtler approach with personalized cocktail shakers. There is no end to where you can sneak tasty treats, delectable details, and appetizing accessories into the décor of your wedding. Don’t worry: foodie features can be tasteful, too.


Flowers are everywhere at weddings: boutonnières, corsages, bouquets, and even table arrangements. Stand out from the crowd and incorporate fruits and vegetables into your floral arrangements — even in that big bridal bouquet. If you and your guests are sweet-tooths, candy or chocolate bouquets for tabletop decorating — and grazing — could do the trick.



Centerpieces are vital to wedding décor; they are the focal point of your tables and reinforce the theme of the party. Skip traditional floral displays and opt for something edible. What could be more delicious than cupcake topiary, cake pop trees, or even pretty mini cakes? Thinking of going green? Try a crudité centerpiece or arrange fruits and vegetables at the center of your tables.