10 Wedding Cake Fails Caught on Film

From the inebriated to the destructive, these real wedding cake moments are epic fails

Take a look at these cringe-worthy epic cake fails.

It isn’t a secret that when a couple plans their wedding they have an exact vision of how the day is going to play out. There are a handful of wedding traditions that every couple usually adheres to: the vow exchange, the first dance, the bouquet toss, and the cutting of the cake, just to name a few. And all of these are supposed to be ideal Kodak moments worth capturing on film. We bank on these wedding events being tender, flawless, and utterly perfect, so couples can share their wedding day photos with generations to come.

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After all, the bride and groom made it through all of the planning and important moments throughout the day — how could these seemingly simple wedding events go awry? Well, friend, they can, and as shameful as it is to admit, we kind of love it when they do if it isn't happening to us. 


Something as sweet as a beautiful wedding cake can't possibly be the sinister culprit that messes with a wedding day, can it? But trust us, it can... and it is glorious when it does. Not that we actively wish couples any ill will, but come on, if you see a bride attempting to cut a cake and it collapses, you can’t help but laugh! Heck, they can’t even help laughing! We enjoyed these cake fails so much that we decided to share with you 10 couples who were less than fortunate when it came to cake-cutting time. Whether it is a simple cake face-smashing gone horribly wrong or a completely inebriated couple incapable of working a knife, these cringe-worthy scenes will have you cracking up in your seat! Check out these awesome wedding cake fails by clicking through our slideshow.