10 Fairytale-Inspired Wedding Cake Toppers

Before you start planning your wedding, try to imagine how time-consuming, energy-draining, and all-encompassing this project will be. It's not just a matter of deciding on the venue, finding a catering company, and choosing the perfect dress. There are so many small details, which seem so minor, but suddenly become incredibly important, and you simply have to make sure they are totally perfect. Choosing the cake topper for your wedding cake is one example of a small but — all of a sudden — incredibly significant decision.

10 Fairytale-Inspired Wedding Cake Toppers (Slideshow)

The type of wedding cake you have is going to help dictate what cake topper you have, at least to some extent. But if you've decided that you need some little figurines, then we have some wonderfully romantic inspiration for you. Your wedding day is the best day to embrace your often hidden, incredibly loved-up, hopelessly romantic side, so you better make the most of this opportunity to be wonderfully starry-eyed. And one way to put this little-known side to your character on full display is by topping your wedding cake with your favorite fairytale characters.

Whether you intend to celebrate your perfect Cinderella moment at your wedding reception  with a glittering figurine of Cinderella in her ball gown alongside perfect Prince Charming, or whether you and your life partner are both children at heart, and therefore Peter Pan cake toppers seem more fitting, fairytale-inspired cake decorations will always add a suitably romantic, whimsical, and elegant touch to your big day.