The 14 Most Stressful Parts of Planning a Wedding

Wedding planning may sound like fun, but in reality it’s much more challenging than you could ever imagine
Wedding Budget


The most challenging part of planning your wedding will be staying within your budget.

The moment you get engaged to your future spouse is magical. Almost immediately after you’ve said “Yes,” you start mentally planning and picturing your wedding day. The elegant wedding dress, the stunning venue, the extravagant cake, and the romantic first dance all start flashing through your mind: Your dream day is soon going to come true. However, when you sit down and start really trying to plan your wedding day, you’ll realize that this is going to be much more stressful than you had previously assumed.

The 14 Most Stressful Parts of Planning a Wedding (Slideshow)

The most stressful parts of wedding planning aren’t finding the venue or selecting the flowers for your bouquet. Those are the easy parts, as long you manage to keep them within your budget. That budget will soon become one of the most imposing, irritating parts of wedding planning. You probably have a clear image in your head of how your day should be, but when you try seeking out your dream dress, menu, band or DJ, chairs, invitations, and bouquet, you’ll realize that this Pinterest-perfect day is only feasible if you win the lottery beforehand.

Not only will your wedding use up every last cent you have in your savings account, it’s also going to put stress on the most important relationships in your life, including the bond between you and your fiancé. There will be lots of arguing, which will ultimately strengthen your relationship (even if it doesn’t feel like that’s the case at the time), so you need to learn to argue carefully and kindly. It’s only worth fighting about a detail of your wedding day if it’s an element you feel incredibly strongly about, and you will need to learn to compromise. Your in-laws will also try to get involved with their own suggestions, requests, and thoughts: You need to listen to them, nod politely, and then do with that advice what you will. This is your big day so do as you wish, but you don’t want to fall out with the in-laws before you’ve officially become part of the family.


Take a deep breath, put everything into perspective, and be prepared to be completely stressed-out. Wedding planning isn’t easy, it isn’t always fun, but we promise all the hard work will pay off in the end.