This Couple Had Their ‘Fairytale McWedding’ at the Top of a McDonald’s Slide

Mary Anne Purdy and John Romani won the chance to have their dream wedding hosted by McDonald’s

After they got married on top of the slide, the newlyweds went for a ride.

Last month, McDonald’s treated two of its customers to their dream wedding — on top of the McDonald’s Giant Slide at the Big E, an annual state fair held in western Massachusetts.

The couple, who won the opportunity through a Facebook contest, also had Ronald McDonald himself as their wedding guest, plus a chance to go down the slide as husband and wife.

According to the Big E’s website, the giant slide has been the site of a number of wedding proposals since its debut nearly 50 years ago.

The couple, Mary Anne Purdy and John Romani, won their fantasy wedding when Mary Ann wrote on the contest page, “I don’t have a bucket list yet, but I can’t think of a better time, a better person (I love you John), or a better place than the Giant Slide at the Big E with Ronald McDonald (and friends) to have a blast of a wedding.”


A specialty McDonald’s wedding cake was also made just for the newlyweds.