I Ate Everything I Wanted for a Day, and This Is What Happened


I Ate Everything I Wanted for a Day, and This Is What Happened

It was wonderful...while it lasted

May 11 was Eat Anything You Want Day, but I postponed this long-awaited “holiday” for a time when I could make the most of it. That day happened to be May 19 – my friend’s bridal shower and my cousin’s graduation party.

I am not a very strict person when it comes to food. I never liked soda, doughnuts, or cold cuts, so I am not really struggling with eating healthy. My only vice is chocolate. I do have a sweet tooth, but after 30 years of training, I have managed to control it.

That said, I have been extra careful with what I eat over the past year because I have a baby whose favorite food is breastmilk, so I am being very good for his sake. But, frankly, it is exhausting and a little boring — I recently set a personal record for most salads eaten in a day (three).

I have been looking forward to just one day when I can transfer all food-related responsibilities to my husband and go all in.

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I was thinking of keeping track of how many calories I eat as I went along, but why spoil a perfectly wonderful day? However, I did a rough calculation before I went to bed — I had consumed no fewer than 5,000 calories, a drastic increase from my usual 1,700 to 2,000.