Oreo Is Switching to Sustainable Cocoa

Truly guilt-free snacking

Oreo’s parent company, Mondelēz, has announced that they will be using sustainable cococa to make their chocolate biscuits.

Milk’s favorite cookie will now be made exclusively from sustainable cocoa. Oreo’s parent company, Mondelēz, has announced that from the end of March onward, they will exclusively use cocoa produced by farmers from the brand’s Cocoa Life scheme. Cocoa Life aims to support sustainable cocoa production while also improving the health, education, and welfare of cocoa farmers.

According to Mondelēz’s press release, Cocoa Life supports over 90,000 cocoa farmers worldwide. Mondelēz plans to invest $400 million to bring Cocoa Life to over 200,000 cocoa farmers in Ghana, Côte d’Ivoire, Indonesia, Brazil, Dominican Republic, and India by the year 2020.

Glenn Caton, Mondelēz International’s president for Northern Europe, stated, “To bring the iconic OREO brand under Cocoa Life is a special moment for us as we continue to expand the program and move closer to our target of empowering 200,000 farmers and reaching one million people in cocoa-growing communities by 2022.”

“Through Cocoa Life, we want to become an accountable partner for our cocoa farmers, not just a buyer. Cocoa Life truly transforms communities by delivering real and measurable improvements for cocoa farmers.”

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