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US Drinkers Buy the Most Champagne in the World


U.S. drinkers were the biggest buyers of Champagne for the year 2017 Reuters reports. Americans purchased more Champagne last year than the British, who formerly held the title. Reuters points to Brexit as the cause.

Many Brits found it hard to celebrate after it was announced that they would be leaving the European Union. “Higher inflation since the Brexit referendum and slower wage growth have pinched the spending power of British consumers and left households more uncertain about their finances,” the news outlet reported.

However, the Brits are still popping bottles. They remain the second largest foreign buyer in the world, even though British sales fell 11 percent in 2017 according to industry data.

The French still drink more than three-and-a-half times as much Champagne as Americans, accounting for roughly 2.1 billion euros in sales, but the U.S. is now the largest export market at 586 million euros. U.S. News reports that this is the first time the U.S. has superseded Britain as the biggest buyer of the sparkling wine.

Hopefully those of us celebrating with bottles of Dom are doing so in the most expensive restaurants in America!

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