The Daily Dish: You Can Buy the World’s Most Expensive Taco for $25,000

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You Can Buy the World’s Most Expensive Taco for $25,000

A resort in Los Cabos, Mexico, is offering a $25,000 taco that might make you drool with green-eyed envy. Available for two to share at the Grand Velas Los Cabos Resort, the pricey taco consists of a gold flake-infused tortilla filled with Kobe beef, lobster, black truffle Brie cheese, and Almas beluga caviar. The salsa is made with dried morita peppers and kopi luwak — the latter of which is widely known as the most expensive coffee in the world. For an extra $150,000 (because why not?), you can get a bottle of Ley .925 Pasión Azteca Ultra-Premium Añejo tequila, which pairs perfectly with the opulent treat.

120 People Start a Conga Line, Dance Out of Restaurant Without Paying

A baptism celebration in Spain may have set a record for the largest dine and dash this week, after reportedly distracting staff by dancing and doing the conga right out of the restaurant. According to The Local, 120 people booked a restaurant in the north of Spain to celebrate an infant’s baptism. The group paid a 900-euro deposit before the event, then they ate, drank, and danced all night. Just before dessert was served, the happy revelers jumped up and started a joyous conga line, dancing right out the front door. They jumped into their cars and drove away before the restaurant staff even realized what had happened, leaving behind a 2000-euro bill. "It happened in the space of a minute," restaurant owner Antonio Rodriguez said. "It was something they’d planned."


New York Loves Falafel, Texas Craves Stuffed Avocado: What’s Your State’s Favorite Recipe?

You may think you’re just pinning recipes on Pinterest for kicks, but Pinterest believes that their users’ kitchen pinspiration says a lot more about them than they realize. Pinterest has compiled a “Foodnited States” map featuring the most-pinned unique food and drink recipes from each state. You can see the entire list here, but we’ve pulled out some of our favoriteslike the mysterious “Survival Bread” recipe beloved by (appropriately) Alaskans. Arkansas was most interested in Coca-Cola meatballs, while Florida couldn’t get enough of wedding cake toppers. Illinois specifically pinned the most wild rice soup recipes, and New Hampshire preferred the liquid lunch (or dinner) with martini recipes.

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This World-Famous Restaurant Provides Therapy for Its Employees

A restaurant can be a stressful environment, especially in the world of fine dining. To help its employees cope with the pressure, world-famous restaurant El Celler de Can Roca in Girona, Spain, has hired its own psychologist to host therapy sessions. On a weekly basis, psychologist Imma Puig comes into the restaurant to help with any emotions or rising tensions in the workplace, The New York Times reported. “We’re all obsessed about anything going wrong with our kitchen equipment, but somehow don’t always pay so much attention to the human machinery,” Joan Roca, executive chef and the eldest of the Roca brothers who own the restaurant, told The New York Times.


Lavazza Collaborates with Ferran Adrià for Its New Gourmet Restaurant, Condividere


Last week, Italian coffee brand Lavazza announced its new gourmet, coffee-focused restaurant concept in collaboration with Ferran Adrià. Condividere by Lavazza is slated to open in late 2017 in Turin, Italy. According to the company, Adrià helped build the concept by diving into the history of Italian cuisine and coffee culture to create a restaurant that will aim to provide a coffee-focused dining experience while tapping into Italy’s culinary tradition and penchant for plate-sharing.