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This World-Famous Restaurant Provides Therapy for Its Employees

The restaurant extends the services to its 60-member staff

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The restaurant currently has an 11-month waiting list, which likely causes more pressure for staff facing customers’ high expectations.

A restaurant can be a stressful environment, especially in the world of fine dining. To help its employees cope with the pressure, world-famous restaurant El Celler de Can Roca in Girona, Spain, has hired its own psychologist to host therapy sessions.

On a weekly basis, psychologist Imma Puig comes into the restaurant to help with any emotions or rising tensions in the workplace, The New York Times reported. With each session, Puig hosts a different mixture of employees, facilitating interactions between the kitchen and front-of-house to help break down any divisions.

“We all have to move on from a time when the kitchen was about pure discipline and toughness, sometimes almost bordering on mistreatment,” Joan Roca, executive chef and the eldest of the Roca brothers who own the restaurant, told The New York Times. “We’re all obsessed about anything going wrong with our kitchen equipment, but somehow don’t always pay so much attention to the human machinery.”

The group-therapy sessions cover topics ranging from how the employees feel about the remodeling of their changing rooms to the challenges faced by the dining staff when dealing with clientele.


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