Lavazza Collaborates with Ferran Adrià for Its New Gourmet Restaurant, Condividere

Diners will be able to enjoy savory dishes in one space and will be able move to another to try coffee-inspired desserts

The restaurant will be located in Lavazza’s new headquarters in the coffee capital of Italy.

Italian coffee brand Lavazza has been in the industry for more than 120 years, producing coffee and espresso blends that reach over 90 countries around the world. Last week, Lavazza announced its new gourmet, coffee-focused restaurant concept in collaboration with Ferran Adrià. Condividere by Lavazza is slated to open in late 2017 in Turin, Italy.

According to the company, Adrià helped build the concept by diving into the history of Italian cuisine and coffee culture to create a restaurant that will aim to provide a coffee-focused dining experience while tapping into Italy’s culinary tradition and penchant for plate-sharing.

“Condividere will offer a shared, high-end gastronomic experience, in an environment where people can feel at ease and socialize, as well as share and seek quality and love for food,” Adrià said in a statement.

The restaurant’s kitchen will be overseen by chef Federico Zanasi, who has worked at the restaurant of Hotel Principe delle Nevi in Cervinia and also won the “Best Sous Chef of the Year” award in 2011.

Along with its new food philosophy, the company will feature a “dreamlike” setting designed by three-time Academy Award-winning art director Dante Ferretti.


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