New York Loves Falafel, Texas Craves Stuffed Avocado: What’s Your State’s Favorite Recipe?

Pinterest compiled user data to create the ‘Foodnited States’ map of each state’s most-pinned recipe

Pumpkin cobbler, popular in West Virginia; and shrimp pasta, popular in Louisiana.

You may think you’re just pinning recipes on Pinterest for kicks, but Pinterest believes that their users’ kitchen pinspiration says a lot more about them than they realize. Pinterest has compiled a “Foodnited States” map featuring the most-pinned unique food and drink recipes from each state.

You can see the entire list here, but we’ve pulled out some of our favorites like the mysterious “Survival Bread” recipe beloved by (appropriately) Alaskans. Perhaps this deceptively simple recipe made with honey, oats, and Jell-O will help explorers survive the Alaskan wilderness. Arkansas was most interested in Coca-Cola meatballs, while Florida couldn’t get enough of wedding cake toppers.


Illinois specifically pinned the most wild rice soup recipes, while New Hampshire preferred the liquid lunch (or dinner) with martini recipes. Virginia went healthy with smoothie bowls and Rhode Island preferred pretty confectionaries like flower cupcakes.