120 People Start a Conga Line, Dance Out of Restaurant Without Paying

A whole baptism party pulled off a massive dine-and-dash

120 people pulled off a huge dine and dash in Spain by starting a conga line and dancing right out of the restaurant.

A baptism celebration in Spain may have set a record for the largest dine and dash this week, after reportedly distracting staff by dancing and doing the conga right out of the restaurant.

According to The Local, 120 people booked a restaurant in the north of Spain to hold a big party to celebrate an infant’s baptism. They paid a 900-euro deposit before the event, and then they ate and drank and danced all night. Then, just before dessert was served, the happy revelers jumped up and started a joyous conga line. That is a normal thing to happen at a party, and staff were not surprised. Then the entire conga line danced right out the front door, jumped into their cars, and drove away before the restaurant staff even realized what had happened.

"It happened in the space of a minute," restaurant owner Antonio Rodriguez said. "It was something they’d planned."

Nobody would expect 120 people to dine and dash en masse, but this group managed to use a conga line as a distraction and then danced out on a 2000-euro bill.


The same party is expected to be behind another giant dine and dash that happened back in February, when 200 wedding guests reportedly “stampeded” out of a wedding venue just as the coffee was being served. The owner of that restaurant says the party still owes more than $10,000.