Arkansas Welcomes World Squirrel Meat Cook-Off

The squirrel meat cooking competition expects 10,000 visitors

Wikimedia/Ray Li


Over 10,000 people are expected to show up in Arkansas for the World Champion Squirrel Cook-Off. 

Run, pizza squirrel, run! The World Champion Squirrel Cook-Off is scheduled this weekend in Arkansas, and a lot of people are planning on attending for a taste of some delicious squirrel.

According to the Kansas City Star, approximately 10,000 people are expected to show up in Bentonville, Arkansas, today for the 10th annual World Champion Squirrel Cook-Off. 35 to 40 teams are expected to face off, and each team will have to present a main dish and a side dish. On top of that, each team is responsible for harvesting its own squirrel meat.

“Come on down and try our tree bacon, limb chicken, tofu of the woods,” said festival organizer and event founder Joe Wilson. “It’s 100-percent organic, all natural, and tree to table.”


Contestants’ entries will be assessed by a panel of judges that the organizers describe as “culinary people and fish and game-type folks,” and the winning team will take home a prize of $1,000 and bragging rights.