The Daily Dish: San Francisco Girl Scouts Made a Bet With Weed Dispensary for Charity

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San Francisco Girl Scouts Made a Bet With Weed Dispensary for Charity

Don’t let the badges fool you — Girl Scout troops can hustle. One group of Girl Scouts in San Francisco even took on a local marijuana dispensary, Apothecarium, in a bet to see who could raise the most money for charity. The loser of the bet, which turned out to be Apothecarium, had to make cookies for the winner, CBS SF Bay Area reported. Although Girl Scout troops and weed may seem like an unlikely pair, Girl Scout Troop Mother Carol Lei told CBS she initiated the collaboration to make her troop more aware of the community. “It was a great experience for me to bring my girls in front of a dispensary and have that conversation about drugs, and people may be different and have certain needs,” Lei said.

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The Carter Sydney / Facebook

A Beyoncé-and-Jay-Z-Themed Restaurant Just Opened in Australia

Jay-Z and Beyoncé, also known as “The Carters,” are the inspiration for a hip hop-influenced bar called The Carter in Sydney, Australia. "The Carter was inspired by New York's great architecture, food, and controversial entertainment,” Chady Khouzame, venue manager of The Carter, told The Music. "Jay-Z and Beyoncé have always been at the center of controversy, which is what inspired our hidden messages in artwork surrounding the bar and the murals on the wall in the basement.” The menu features hip-hop-inspired items including The Carter Chicken Wings (which come with Beyoncé’s signature hot sauce), Kanye BBQ Corn Cob, and The Snoop, a foot-long hot dog. As for the drinks, patrons can sip on a Kimye cocktail and the Obama Out.

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Chipotle Is Back to Being America’s Favorite Mexican Chain Again

There was a time when Chipotle bowls were universally beloved by fast-casual fans everywhere. But the go-to lunch spot has had a dark cloud hanging over it ever since multiple outbreaks of foodborne illnesses in late 2015 and early 2016. But now, according to the latest report by Market Force Information, Chipotle is once again America’s favorite Mexican chain. In consumer satisfaction reports, Chipotle scored 57 percent, just a hair better than Moe’s and El Pollo Loco, which both came out with scores of 55 percent. Chipotle customers were loyal because of speedy service, food quality, and (surprisingly) cleanliness.

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Should We Avoid Eating Raw Milk Cheese Altogether?

Vulto Creamery, one of America’s most popular artisanal cheesemakers, is trying to clean up its act after last week’s turmoil following the deaths of two consumers who ate deadly listeria bacteria in raw milk cheese. In total, eight types of raw milk cheese have been recalled. While death by cheese may seem like a rare occurrence, the debate about the safety of raw milk cheese has been raging for years. The pasteurization process kills off most of the harmful bacteria that can cause such deadly outbreaks, and unpasteurized dairy products are 150 percent more likely than pasteurized milk to make you sick. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Food and Drug Administration know this, which is why raw milk cheese is banned in America until it’s at least two months old. The 60-day rule is believed to allow enough time for the enzymes in the cheese to naturally kill off any lingering E. coli or listeria bacteria.

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Flickr / Rodrigo Senna / CC BY 2.0

Brazilian Brewery Hires Female Illustrators to Reimagine Old Ads

It’s not every day that a company owns up to its mistakes, but Brazilian brewery Skol is confronting its racy advertisements from the past and has collaborated with female illustrators to recreate its posters in a new light, Adweek reported. In previous ads, women are depicted dressed in bikinis or backless skirts while holding bottles of Skol beer, which the brewery says doesn’t represent them anymore, according to the campaign video. The brewery enlisted the help of illustrators such as Eva Uviedo, Camila do Rosário, and Carol Rossetti. To keep the conversation going, the brewery is accepting submissions for more poster creations that send a positive and respectful message.


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