San Francisco Girl Scouts Made A Bet With Weed Dispensary For Charity

Don't let the badges fool you — Girl Scout troops can hustle. One group of Girl Scouts in San Francisco even took on a local marijuana dispensary, Apothecarium, in a bet to see who could raise the most money for charity.


The loser of the bet, which turned out to be Apothecarium, had to make cookies for the winner, CBS SF Bay Area reported.


Although Girl Scout troops and weed may seem like an unlikely pair, Girl Scout Troop Mother Carol Lei told CBS she initiated the collaboration to make her troop more aware of the community.


"It was a great experience for me to bring my girls in front of a dispensary and have that conversation about drugs, and people may be different and have certain needs," Lei said.


Apothecarium also hoped to benefit from the association, according to Eliot Dobris, spokesman for the dispensary.


"It's a strong demonstration that dispensaries are safe places," he said.


It's not the first time the Girl Scouts have teamed up with a dispensary — in 2016, a Girl Scout in Oregon sold cookies outside of Foster Buds Marijuana Dispensary with a sign that read: "Satisfy Your Munchies."


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