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You Won’t Believe Which Food Obama Hates Most

He loves broccoli, cheeseburgers, and pizza, but what food can Obama just not stand?

When asked what his favorite food was, President Obama declared “broccoli.” Obama’s love of these healthy green florets stands in opposition to the food tastes of George W. Bush, who declared upon becoming president that he never wanted to see another broccoli floret on his plate ever again.

So, now that we’ve established that Obama loves his vegetables, and that he generally follows a very heathy diet (as enforced by Michelle’s strict healthy eating rules), what food does he really hate?

Besides his love of broccoli, Obama also loves a good cheeseburger, a bowl of smoky, spicy chili, and thin-crust pizza, so it’s definitely not the case that he hates unhealthy food. His most disliked food is actually something incredibly particular and, in our opinion, totally inoffensive, something which we would never have even thought about naming as our most hated food ever: mayonnaise.

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Yes, you heard us right. That fairly bland, basic condiment, which is a fridge staple for the majority of us, is so hated by the president that he refuses to go anywhere near the stuff. We’d be surprised if you can find a jar of mayonnaise anywhere in the White House: Obama seems to treat it as if it were poisonous. Fingers crossed for the mayo-lovers among us that he keeps this ban on his own house and doesn’t spread it across the rest of the country.

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