Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s 5 Favorite Date Spots

In honor of the power couple’s 5th wedding anniversary, we’re taking a look at their regular romantic haunts

These two know how to wine and dine better than anyone.

A very happy anniversary to everyone’s favorite celebrity couple — Beyoncé and Jay-Z.

Take a Cue from Beyoncé and Jay-Z and Visit Their Favorite Date Spots

It’s pretty obvious that these two make up one of the most powerful couples in all the land; in the worlds of music, fashion, and just overall fame, there isn't anyone who doesn’t support the Knowles-Carters (yes, Jay-Z took Beyoncé's last name — we’re swooning, too) in everything and anything that they do.

Together, the couple’s net worth is $775 million, yet they still appear humble, spending tons of downtime together with daughter Blue Ivy, their families, and their inner circle of celebrity pals.

When they’re not on tour, promoting a new album, or at an awards show, the uber-private couples likes to have their date nights — and they deserve them!

Though they’re really a pair of jet-setters scouring the world together, (they're currently in Havana, Cuba celebrating their  anniversary digging into creole favorites like fish, chicken, black beans and rice) they’re spotted on dates in New York — their home — more than anywhere else. 


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