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The Daily Dish - October 6, 2016

Brian Sheehan dishes on what's hot and trending in the world of all things food and drink for Thursday, October 6, 2016.

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Zume Pizza

This Delivery Robot Can Make Your Pizza in the Car on the Way to Your House

Zume Pizza in Mountain View, California, has replaced much of its staff with robots that can cook and deliver a perfect pizza ­— never cold or overdone — on the way to your door. Here’s how it works: When customers place an order on the Zume app, robots in the delivery-only pizzeria's kitchen assemble and partially cook the pies. The pizzas then get loaded into a special delivery van equipped with 56 mini pizza ovens that can individually cook pies to coincide with the specified delivery time. Four minutes before arrival, a robotic pizza arm pops the designated pie into the oven to complete the cooking process. The driver then delivers it hot and fresh to the customer. "We're a co-bot situation," Julia Collins, the company's co-founder and co-CEO, told CNBC. 


Wikimedia Commons / Ali ringo / CC BY-SA 3.0

French Consumer Group Finds 85 Different Chemicals on Fruit Samples

French consumer group Que Choisir sent 150 samples of fruit to a laboratory to be tested for more than 500 molecules that are linked to pesticide useFood and Drink Europe reported. Eighty percent of the fruit tested contained residue from at least one chemical, and the tests found 85 different chemicals on the samples. The samples for the study consisted of seasonal fruit grown in France as well as imported produce. Each sample had an average of five to seven chemical molecules, with grapes being the worst offender. Though the study identified 85 chemicals, the fruit “conformed with regulation on pesticide limits.” All of the fruit that turned out to be pesticide-free was organic, with only one exception.


Cafe 51

Restaurant Promises Free Burgers for Life if You Get a Tattoo of Its Burger

Café 51 in Melbourne, Australia, is offering free burgers for life to 10 customers who get a life-sized tattoo of any one of its burger creations, along with the BurgerLove logo. You must be at least 18 years old, and the tattoo must be both to scale and in a place that can be viewed by restaurant staff. Nearly 3,500 people have already signed up for the free burger/tattoo exchange — much more than the restaurant can handle. The lucky winners will be inked live on Australian TV this week. 



This Epic Coffee Press Is Made to Look Like R2-D2

Star Wars fans: This is the coffee press you’re looking for. ThinkGeek has created an R2-D2 coffee press, and it looks incredible. The exclusive creation retails for $39.99 and features a 32-ounce capacity, BPA-free plastic housing, a glass body, and a food-grade stainless steel plunger. The product description reads, “Let R2 help you navigate your mornings more successfully with this Star Wars R2-D2 Coffee Press. He's happy to help a human in need.” Preorders will ship in January 2017.


Unicorn Cafe c/o Facebook

This Unicorn Café Is a Pastel Paradise With Rainbow Cake and Carbonara

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The Unicorn Café just opened in Bangkok, Thailand, and it takes its pastels very seriously. The entire rainbow-hued restaurant is covered in soft colors, plush unicorn stuffed animals, and sparkling chandeliers. Not surprisingly, you can order menu items such as brightly colored rainbow carbonara pasta and a unicorn burger with a horn-shaped bun. If you’re feeling daring, the menu also boasts a cone-shaped “spaghetti meatball lava cheese” volcanic pasta creation. Diners are invited to cuddle and take selfies with plush My Little Pony stuffed animals. However, the owners of the Unicorn Café know that this novelty is not just for children: They provide adult-sized unicorn onesies for comfortable dining.