Restaurant Promises Free Burgers for Life if You Get a Tattoo of Its Burger

Melbourne’s Café 51 is giving out free burgers for life to customers who get a life-sized BurgerLove tattoo

Get skintimate with your beef.

Café 51 in Melbourne, Australia, is offering free burgers for life to 10 customers who get a life-sized tattoo of any one of its burger creations along with the BurgerLove logo.You have to be at least 18 years old, and the tattoo must be both to scale and in a place that can be viewed by restaurant staff.

Despite the permanency of inked devotion to a single burger brand, nearly 3,500 people have already signed up for the free burger/tattoo exchange — much more than the restaurant can handle.

“This is way beyond what we expected but testament to our cult following and the bond we have with our customers,” Café 51 co-founder Chris Binos told CNBC. “We will be selecting the best 10 entrants to get inked.”


The 10 lucky participants will be inked live on Australian TV this week.