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French Consumer Group Finds 85 Different Chemicals on Fruit Samples

All of the pesticide-free fruits were organic, with one exception

Wikimedia Commons / Ali ringoCC BY-SA 3.0

Eighty percent of the fruit tested contained at least one chemical residue.

French consumer group Que Choisir sent 150 samples of fruit to a laboratory to be tested for more than 500 molecules that are linked to pesticide use, Food and Drink Europe detailed. [related]

Eighty percent of the fruit tested contained residue from at least one chemical, and the tests found 85 different chemicals on the samples. All of the fruit that was pesticide-free was organic, with only one exception.

The samples for the study consisted of seasonal fruit grown in France, as well as imported produce.

Each sample had an average of five to seven chemical molecules; grapes were the worst offenders, as one sample contained 15 different molecules.

Though the study identified 85 different chemicals, all the fruit “conformed with regulation on pesticide limits.”

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