My Little Pony Cafe Opens in Japan, and It’s Not Just for Kids

World’s first My Little Pony cafe opens in Tokyo

A My Little Pony-themed cafe has opened in Tokyo's Harajuku neighborhood.

Bronies of the world, rejoice! There is now a My Little Pony theme cafe where men and women and children of all ages can enjoy some pony-themed pancakes and latte art among murals celebrating the My Little Pony toy brand and TV show in both its modern and 1980s incarnations.

According to Rocket News 24, the My Little Pony Cafe in Tokyo’s trendy Harajuku district is reportedly the first My Little Pony-themed dining establishment in the world. Given the enormous popularity of the franchise lately, that seems surprising.

Both the inside and outside of the cafe have been covered in brightly colored murals of the My Little Pony characters. In addition to sweet and savory pancakes, coffee, and pony-themed art, visitors can also acquire as many My Little Pony T-shirt and other collectibles as a child or adult fan could possibly want.


The My Little Pony Cafe is being operated out of the Sunday Jam pancake restaurant as a special pop-up pony place as part of a collaboration between Sunday Jam, My Little Pony, and the Umajo women’s association of the Japan Racing Association. It will reportedly be open through November 29.