Best Drive In Restaurants in America

You Can Still Pull Up to These 50 Drive-In Restaurants

Roll down your window and chow down

There are a lot of restaurants that are pure Americana. Dive-y burger restaurants, hot dog stands, and even an old-school steakhouse that cooks your beef to perfection. But perhaps no eatery is as American as a classic drive-in restaurant. What’s more iconic than pulling up to a parking lot, getting waited on by a server who runs (or roller skates) up to your driver side window, and chowing down on a burger? That’s right, nothing.

You Can Still Pull Up to These 50 Drive-In Restaurants Gallery

However, the drive-in is a dying breed. Look no further than the classic A&W root beer stands. At the chain’s peak in the 1960s, it had over 2,400 locations. Today, there are about half that number worldwide. But if you’re still looking for a place to park and sip on a milkshake, worry no more.

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We sought out 50 drive-in restaurants from coast to coast (and Hawaii) that are still operating and thriving today. Of course, the vast majority of these joints serve up drive-in classics like hot dogs, onion rings, and chocolate malts. But there are plenty of original drive-in concepts here, including an all-chili restaurant, Southern barbecue, crab cakes, and lobster. Want to know where you should cruise to for a foodie adventure? Roll your windows down, and check out our list of 50 drive-in restaurants you can still visit.