The World's Most Amazing Latte Art Gallery

The World's Most Amazing Latte Art

No food trend has taken our breath away quite like latte art. The foamy, intricate, and edible designs made by highly skilled barista-slash-artists are one of the best things on Instagram, posted by happy customers in cafes across the world as well as by those who create them. We're captivated by these talented coffee slingers who have crafted cups of coffee into everything from reproductions of Van Gogh's "Starry Night" to lifelike 3D latte bears, cats, and more.

These amazing creations are mostly made with steamed milk passed through espresso in patterns and shapes, but some artists have taken it to the next level, using food coloring and even glitter to make their designs stand out. We combed through photos from cafes, restaurants, Instagram, and even coffee competitions to find what we consider to be the most amazing latte art from all over the world.

What we find most impressive is that you can actually drink these designs when they're done! Although, it might take a little convincing (and a lot of pictures) before your first sip. Once that coffee hits your lips, that design is gone. If you think you're impressed by your local barista who knows how to draw a little latte-foam heart, you'll be totally wowed by the world's most amazing latte art.

The Little Mermaid

Lee Kangbin, of Seoul, South Korea, creates customized full-color pieces of artwork on top of lattes at the "C. Through" coffee shop in Seoul. As you can tell by his latte art of "The Little Mermaid," he is super talented.

Van Gogh's ‘Starry Night’

Lee told The Daily Meal that his "Cream Art" creations are completely drinkable (they're meant to be drunk cold). He uses a latte art pen, food coloring, and espresso to make each of his commissions, like this one of "Starry Night."

Beauty and the Beast

"Even though time goes by, the taste does not change," Lee told The Daily Meal. "This is extremely important because I am a barista." That means this "Beauty and the Beast" latte will stay tasty till the last drop.

Marilyn Monroe

World-renowned coffee artist Michael Breach, who goes by @baristart on Instagram, does some pretty incredible latte art portraits, like this one of Marilyn Monroe.


Breach's work has been seen in Cosmopolitan and on "Good Morning America," Food Network, E!, BravoTV, and "Today." We can see why with this portrait of Prince. It looks just like him!

A Doughnut

This one of a pink sprinkle doughnut is almost too lifelike to drink! It totally rivals the best looking doughnut in your state.

Outer Space

This space-inspired latte is out of this world! The touch of glitter looks like stars.

New York City

New Yorker or not, you can definitely tell that's the Big Apple's skyline.

A Dragon

Melannie Aquino makes some super cool latte art out of San Francisco, like this fearsome looking dragon.

A Corgi

Her Instagram @Melaquino is full of latte art designs of dragons, corgis, sushi, and more.

Dobby the House Elf

She totally captured Dobby the House Elf's essence with this latte. We know it would go great with the birthday cake Hagrid gave to Harry Potter.

Sleepy Snoopy

Daphne Tan, @periperipeng on Instagram, is the artist behind some of the most adorable 3D latte art creations.

A Storm Trooper

She does cats, dogs, bunnies, flowers, and even cartoon and movie characters, like this artfully designed storm trooper.


Doesn't this little foam fish look just about ready to jump out of his cup?

Donald Duck

This Donald Duck is so 3D, he belongs in a Disney park.

A Tiger

This 3D latte art of a tiger has us doing a double take! Hopefully it doesn't bite!

A T. Rex

This fearsome dinosaur was crafted by Cortney Kern, whose Instagram @barista_maniac is full of detailed designs.

Chicago Cubs Logo

Kern, who lives in the Chicago suburbs, crafted a Cubs logo that any fan of the baseball team would be proud to wear. Plus, look at those colors!

Star Wars

Look at all the detail that went in to creating that Star Wars scene! Can you believe this is on a latte and not on TV?

The Man in Black

If you're a "Westworld" fan you will instantly be able to recognize that this coffee design is none other than Ed Harris' character from the HBO show.

A Tiny Rabbit and His Carrot

This milky design of a little rabbit next to a cute little carrot is from latte artist and Instagrammer twopercent2.


The cheese on this latte art pizza is so gooey it stretches over the cup. Look at that pepperoni!


These grapes are so pretty they look like they're made of marble.

Intricate Flowers

A barista under the Instagram handle @erfan.barista uses a distinctive style to create flowers made with swirling and curling white foam.

A Deer

This little doe is too pretty to drink!

An Angel

Italian latte artist Giuseppe Fiorini does both classic and modern latte art designs. This one of an angel is dramatically beautiful, and definitely something you wouldn't see at Starbucks in Milan.

Rock On

Fiorini's modern "rock on" hand is almost too cool to drink!



This mermaid is playing a harp, in your coffee. That's the coolest thing we've ever seen! Let's see Starbucks try to do that with their Mermaid Frappuccino!

A Gladiator

As a nod to his Italian heritage, Fiorini made a Roman gladiator with milk and coffee that rivals some of the frescoes we've seen in Pompeii. Speaking of Italy, they have some of the best coffee in the world. Can't make it over there just yet? You can at least upgrade your coffee shop game by grabbing a latte at one of the best coffee shops in every state. 

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