The Best Doughnuts in Every State

Is there anything better than a warm, fluffy, glazed doughnut?

We struggle to think of anything more satisfyingly sweet and delicious than a fresh, warm, pillowy doughnut glazed in hot syrup or coated in cinnamon sugar. Well, apart from actually eating that perfect doughnut, that is, alongside a cup of strong, hot coffee. So in order to enable you to experience the simple joy that is a beautifully made doughnut, we’ve named what we believe are the best doughnuts in every state.

The Best Doughnuts in Every State (Slideshow)

Selecting the best doughnuts in every state was more challenging that you’d imagine. To set a level playing field for all the competitors, we based our searching and ranking on the taste alone: Price, location, and adherence to tradition were not taken into account. The doughnuts could be considered as long as they were either yeasted or cake doughnuts. (Regional specialties such as beignets were not considered, and neither were hybrid creations such as cronuts, as they’re only really 50 percent doughnut.) The tastiest doughnuts will obviously need to be fresh, soft, gooey, well balanced, well proportioned, and totally addictive. Whether they’re a simple, classic, glazed doughnut or are decorated to look like the Cookie Monster, it’s the enjoyment of actually eating the doughnut that matters; and that’s what we used to compare the doughnuts across America.

Read on to discover which doughnut shop won the award in your home state, and let us know whether it deserved the prize or if you know of a better, super-hidden gem. When done right, doughnuts really are one of the most perfect foods, which no one in their right mind would ever be able to resist. The doughnut shops we’ve selected here are really doing something right.

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